Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joel

Dear Joel:

We hope your birthday was a happy one.

We admire your calm personality. We love that you are kind and helpful to anyone needing help. We think those kindness traits are something we would like to strive for and we appreciate your example. We admire that you work hard in your ward as the Elder's Quorum President and we admire that you work so hard to make sure that everyone feels they are important in the Lord's church.

A story we have of you is how you willingly jumped out of bed late one evening to come give great grandma a blessing. She felt your spirit and your kindness and wanted us to make sure you knew how special that was to her. She also thinks the world of you and your gentle, kind personality. Thanks for sharing it with us.

We're very proud of you. Happy Birthday. Love, mom and dad Clift

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  1. And a happy birthday from me, too. I remember the moment when I knew that you were going to come into our family. My chest burned bright with confirmation of the beauty of the new family you made us.