Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hi, this is Marty writing.  On June 04, 2011 Kathy and I participated and completed the Lynch Canyon Trail run.  She ran the 10K.  I ran the half marathon.  It was raining hard, the wind was crazy.  When we finished, we were tired and very muddy.  We have never seen such slippery mud before.  She fell three times, I fell seven.  For her, there was 1500 feet of climbing, for me, 3000 feet.

When you check out the pictures, look for the mud.  In Kathy's pictures, you can see the rain...

Link to Marty and Kathy's trail run pictures.

Oddly enough, both Kathy and I are hoping to go back on our own and run the 10K by ourselves.  This time, we'll probably stop at the top and take a look around.  It looked quite pretty up on top, but due to the race, we couldn't take time to look around.  And due to the storm, we couldn't have seen much at the time.