Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alex's Baptism

Here are some pictures of Alex's baptism. Congratulations, Alex!

Marty Officiating at His First Wedding

Here is a picture of Marty officiating at his first wedding. When I get a better picture from the bride's family, I'll replace this one. Marty's talk was short and sweet. Both families said they liked the ceremony. Note to self when scheduling: Brides are not usually on time. All's well that ends well, though, Marty made it to his meeting at work just in time. Tonight's schedule: Two Eagle courts of honor, and a wedding reception--that is if all goes smoothly at work.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yogurt in the Sea

This was supposed to be blue yogurt, but it was purple instead, so the beach theme didn't work well, but here's a picture with the color adjusted somewhat. Katelyn and Lily liked this, but not Sam.

Put yogurt in a cup, add crushed graham crackers for the beach, top with fish fruit snacks. I found this online at a blog where they show each other's blogs, so I couldn't really tell who gets credit.

By the way, I have Katelyn, Sam and Lily here because Kathy ripped out her back like crazy. Three was all I could fit into my car yesterday. They're being very good.

Omelette in a Bag

Saw this recipe on the Food Network yesterday, thought I'd try it today. Trouble is, only Sam wanted eggs.

It is a boiling bag omelette. Just put eggs and any other ingredients you want into a Food Saver bag. Sam had ham and cheese. Seal and simmer in water for eight to nine minutes. Et Voila!

Hints and tips: Some say you can try it with Ziploc freezer bags, others online are worried about the plastic melting--you choose.  Some people commenting online said they had trouble holding the bag down in the water. The suggestion was using a heavy spoon to hold it down. With the Food Saver bag, though, it was not too light. Others suggested getting the air out of the bags before cooking. Still others suggested simmering instead of boiling for the plastic leaching scares. One more tip is to write each person's name on their bag once they add their own ingredients. On the television show she had an electric frying pan so that it was a nice and big surface for multiple omelettes cooking at the same time. Also, chopping the ingredients the night before is a good idea to save time in the mornings.

Bon Appetit!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We're Officially Old!

We sound like old people when we say that we are amazed with technology, but we are AMAZED with technology. We just clicked on a name on the computer, and within 10 seconds we were talking with Sam and Lily's grandpa Mark in Dubai! We are going to meet up with them in San Francisco next weekend when they are here for a conference and we will drop off Sam and Lily to spend the night at their hotel and then fly home with them the next day. Sam and Lily have been staying with Kathy for a couple of weeks while their mom recuperates from surgery. We wish you all the best, Kerry! Isn't technology something?