Monday, August 13, 2012

Under Water

There is a channel that starts near a place known as the Pet Cemetery, it flows until you get to Baby Beach.  Here are a few pictures and video I took.

One day I saw a sting ray, so I followed it with my camera.  I wasn't wearing fins because of the need to walk from time to time, so I did my best to keep up.

Fish hiding under the coral.
 I don't know the names of the fish, I just know if they are pretty.
 The fish under the coral? He let me get a close up.
 There are a number of hermit crabs around.  This is a hermit crab checking out a larger shell.  It happens that I saw the larger shell a couple of weeks before I took this picture and decided not to take it home, just in case.  Sure enough, it is being investigated for a new home.  (And yes, this is under water, in about 6 feet of water.)
 There are eel around, at least that's what I think this is.
 I see a lot of these fish around.
 I don't see too many of these black and white fish and usually they hide quickly.
 This uninteresting spherical blob is actually a type of coral.  This one is about 2 feet across.