Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kristin!

Dear Kristin:

Happy 23rd birthday! Here is a picture of you:
This is a picture of you and dad at Jon's baptism. You were always glad to be near us. As long as you could be around your parents, you were happy. A story about you that we like (although we pretended not to) was how you would come into our room at bedtime and get in between us in our bed, making like you were going to be there all night and that was that. Sometimes it took us hours to convince you to go to sleep (you were never a good sleeper--sorry about that genetic mess-up!). When you were a baby you were easy to love because you would cuddle up close around our necks and just dwell there.

You are good to your friends and a good listener. You are a sweet person. We are very proud of you for getting your education. You wanted to be an archaeologist since you were very small and you got your degree!

We hope your birthday is a great one. We will be thinking about you all day. We love you.

Love, mom and dad

Monday, November 15, 2010


In September we traveled to see our longtime friend, Brenda. What can you say about a friendship that endures over time and distance? It's one of the tender mercies in life. Thanks, Brenda, for being there through thick and thin.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grammar Tip

When you're writing an invitation, is it "your invited" or "you're invited"? A quick memory trick to try is to think about the word. Is it two words or one?

Two words, put in an apostrophe and an "re." You are becomes you're. (You're invited to a party.)
One word, don't use the apsotrophe. (The party is at your house.)

I was reading a professional manual today and this grammar error was in their book. Many people make this mistake. But just remember to think--one word or two?