Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Jonathan!

Dear Jonathan:

Happy 30th Birthday! Wow, we can't believe you're 30 already. The above picture is how we have been remembering you lately. You were a sweet baby and a very pretty baby. You have a gentle spirit and you have a laid back personality. We loved watching you turn into a little engineer as you grew. You loved to study objects and take them apart and put them back together. We enjoyed your scientific projects, like the hover craft you built with dad, and then later we loved watching as you got better and better at all things mechanical (we especially remember how great you were/are at tweaking stereo speakers). We're proud of your mechanical abilities.

A memory we have of you is how you were such a good sport when we found any excuse to punish you--your punishment was scrubbing the tubs. So if you were five minutes late, even though you were helping a friend with a broken down car, you chuckled good humoredly and said all right, you would scrub the tubs for us. We guess you figured out it wasn't really a punishment, but a service you were giving us. Thanks for recognizing that even though we said we were kidding and you didn't have to, you did anyway. That kind of observation of people and of their spirits and what they need and what they mean is another quality of yours. Thanks for caring about people and friends and your primary class and your wife and your family, but especially us.

We love you. Happy 30th. Love, mom and dad.

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  1. That was lovely. Jon's gentle spirit has been directly in the center of many of my life-changing moments. Bless you Uncle Bubba. May your next thirty years be more awesome than the last. xoxo