Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Great Grandpa John!

Dear Great Grandpa John:

We hope you had a great 84th birthday!

We admire your kindness to people. We think a trait you inherited from your mother is that you "never met a stranger." We like that you are always nice to people and you always want to make sure that everyone feels they are welcome around you and that you are their friend. You have a great jovial personality and you make sure people feel comfortable. We admire your friendliness and your sense of humor, too. People don't feel shy around you long, you have them laughing in minutes.

Thanks for all the years of caring. We knew you wanted the best for us, we knew you loved us, and we know how hard you worked to keep us safe and comfortable. Thanks for all that effort, and happy birthday.  Oh, and--Go Bears!

Love, Marty and Peggy

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  1. I remember spending the night at Grandpa's house when I was seven or eight. I think it was just me and my brother Jon there and we felt special--like we were being treated as grownups. I woke up really early and when I stumbled into the kitchen Grandpa followed behind me, rubbing his eyes since my movement probably woke him. He poured me grape juice in a real glass. The glass was green and had blown bubbles in it. We drank our juice and had some toast. It was a quiet moment, subtle maybe. But it's one of my happiest memories. Happy birthday grandpa. May you have many happy more. xoxo