Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joel!

Like this picture, you always try to stay in the background, but we still notice your gentle kindness anyway. You care about family and family traditions, you care about the gospel, you are kind to your fellow man, and you will go above and beyond to make sure no one goes wanting.

We especially appreciate you last year for your calming spirit. You were there as great grandma was making her earthly transition. You took time off when there was no vacation left to sit with her and soothe her aches by touching her forehead. She said she needed your calming spirit, and you were there. Hour after hour. We can't tell you how much that was appreciated. Thank you is all we can think to say.

We appreciate how gentle you are with all your children, your nieces and nephews, and your friends' children. They love being around Uncle Jell-o.

Thanks for helping us move when you were working so much overtime. We appreciate all that you do. It's usually done in secret, and you are usually in the background, but we appreciate your quiet support.

Happy Birthday, and this saying is a family tradition, "You are very old."

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