Monday, March 19, 2012

Carnival Aruba Style

A few weeks ago it was Carnival.  They take it seriously here.  We were told there was a pajama parade at 4 a.m. in San Nicolaas.  We figured life is short, so we went and took a few pictures.  The main parade was to start in the afternoon at 2 p.m.  We went about 4 p.m. to a place near the end of the parade route.  After watching for an hour or so, we left.  It was all the enjoyment we could tolerate at one time.  So, here are a few pictures.

There didn't seem to be a pajama parade, but there was a crowd. 
Besides all the crazy people, there was lots of loud music.

And here are a few pictures from the afternoon parade:
Notice all the drinks?  I was kindly offered a couple too. 
 We saw a few nice looking floats.
 Then we saw the power behind the floats.
This group represents the small owls that are found on the Island.

 Each group had lots of people in them.
 Apparently, anyone who wanted to be in a Carnival group, could be. 
(And yes, that is a beer in her hand. It was hot, and they said it took three hours to walk the route.)
 Entry requirements were only limited by desire. 
(Lower left, a very common scene.)
But the costumes were fancy and elaborate.

 This group represented the natives that once lived on the Island.
Again, the the real power behind the parade.

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