Monday, September 6, 2010

Lily's New Yoga Skirt, Owl Fabric Picked Out by Katelyn

I found a blog that had a yoga skirt tutorial. knit waistband skirt. That's a skirt with a ribbing waistband and then the waistband is folded over. Katelyn picked out the fabric (hers is cut out and half-way sewn). It was a quick skirt to sew with a serger. I have just realized that the interlock knit fabric from the 80s is now back in style. So I'm also going to dig out my skort pattern and my old interlock fabric and sew, sew, sew! Wish me luck finding a 30-year-old pattern :) I finished the skirt, but wanted her to have a complete outfit, what with her mother a little distractedly busy lately, so I picked up a clearance t-shirt and brought it with me. But Lily would. not. wear. it. She said it looked liked her dad's underwear and that was just not acceptable, and she promptly put her head down into her folded arms. Luckily we found a pink blouse that Aunt Kathy had gotten her last month that sort of matched. Now to finish Katelyn's skirt...

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