Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marshmallow Shooters

I was reading a blog:, and saw a post that looked like some summer fun. It was Marshmallow shooters. I figured we had all the supplies, so we got them together and brought them to Marty's family reunion. We actually put together a gun or two early to make sure it was nice and fun. It was.

The ammunition of choice was mini-marshmallows.

But wouldn't you know it, we don't have any pictures of the fun the grandkids had when they were playing with the shooters. Luckily, when I was reading my niece's blog (Audra) she had made these, too, and got some pictures, so hopefully if she doesn't mind, I'll post a picture of hers instead:
The grands played with them again when they were at our house a couple of weeks ago. After they were all done, there were bunches of marshmallows everywhere. But they're gone now, so either the birds got them or some nice marshmallow fairy picked them all up.

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  1. I am honored! Marty did a better job at designing a streamline shooter. His marshmellows really hurt. Your grandkids had the BEST time doing this, instead of some silly softball game. I actually joined them when I was sitting on the bench. :)