Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Randomness, Part 2

How are these for random pictures? Since I never have had time to organize pictures, I'm lucky to even have them in picture albums of any kind, let alone scrapbooking--now that is a time-consuming hobby that I'm very proud of all you hobbyists who can take the time and have the talent to do it--I figured that if I'm ever going to get anything up on this blog it will have to be random. I think (a nameless relative) calls the Norlunds all or nothing kind of people. Since all is now out of the question, this is just short of nothing. But better than nothing, right?

So here goes: Above is a picture of Cami and Patti at a Hannah Montana concert at Stadium of Fire in July 2008. Marty and I went, too, but I get to choose the pictures. :) It was a very hard thing to get tickets (thanks to Steve, who made it possible). The memories are that it was a lot more fun than we would have thought. The stairs were very tiring, and the crowds were overwhelming. It took us way too long to get there because of the one road into Provo from Salt Lake.

The next picture above that is Marty in July 2008, just for posterity sake (by the way, all of these pictures are July 2008 in Utah).

Above that (can you tell I'm not good at arranging pictures in this blogosphere? ) is a cute picture of Lily at Joe's Crab Shack--no, no, wait, that's McDonald's.

Then comes Sam in a pool that Mark and Beverly and family dug for them for the summer in their back yard. Cute pool! And then one of Sam being generally cuddly and loveable.

Last is Lily in her smocked July 4 dress. No, I didn't smock this one, I saw it on clearance at a kid's store in the mall in Salt Lake, now what's the name of that mall--had to look it up--Trolley Square. We had the kids, Lily was sleeping, so we took turns staying in the car with her. Sam liked outside best.

More randomness later.

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