Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great Grandma's Comments on the Paradigm Shift and Some Pictures

Apparently when we were in North Carolina, the lightning scared my dad, so maybe that’s why he worked so hard to make sure we were not afraid of lightning. Here’s the comment my mom sent, along with a couple of pictures of the North Carolina house.

This is a quote from my mom: “Dad did a backward summersault when the lightning bolt struck the transformer at the edge of the lawn in North Carolina. It spewed the plug out of the cord of the radio and melted the wire. I was scared about that one. I thought dad had been hit because he had been squatted down at the front door watching the bolts cross the sky. That one was right on top of us and it sounded at the same time it struck and he did the backward summersault thingy. I screamed!”

This is a picture of the house in North Carolina she sent, and here’s the comment about it: “This is the screen door dad was squatting at––he was just inside it when the bolt hit the transformer at the end of the lawn to the left of the porch about 20 feet from where Patti is standing. The transformer was right in front of the fire hydrant on the green patch of the lawn. It is just out of the picture.” Here's another picture:

Then for my donkey paradigm shift comment she wrote: “We grinned every time that jackass brayed bee hee heee! Nobody else ever found it funny. That is why we've been together for so long. We both have the same sense of humor. love, mom”

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