Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Danielle and Steven Andreasen (niece and nephew) have a GREAT idea on their blog--Flashback Friday. I think I'll use their idea on our blog, too. A picture and a memory posted on a Friday. Thanks for the idea, Dani! Love you, Auntie Peggy.

I'll start with our wedding day. A random memory I have from that day is that my mouth muscles hurt from smiling so much. The ceremony was sweet, the reception was at my mom and dad's house in the desert (they had a big house that included an indoor patio with a waterfall).

One of Marty's random thoughts about the day was when the temple sealer grabbed our hands, he had grabbed Marty's hand in such a way that it squished his ring into his fingers. It was JUST KILLING him. It was hard to listen in all that pain!

Marty made the decorations--he's artistic, as well as engineerish--and it was good to see so many friends/relatives. The receiving line was in the living room, and dancing was in the family room and into the indoor patio. Marty made our cake stand. Sister Eyre made the cake for us.

Sister Wilcox (in the green dress) got everything ready while we were at the temple (4 hours south). My mom made my dress. My veil and shoes and the cake topper were from her wedding in 1954. The bridesmaids' dresses and flowers were from Patti's wedding.

My brothers, Carl and Ken, and Sister Bullock made up a combo of accordion, drums and organ. Thinking about that combination of instruments seems like it would be awful, but the music was very, very good. Kind of like a cruise ship jazz band.

My new sisters in law sang us "More Than the Greatest Love," which was "our song."  That is my Great Aunt Norma sitting down next to my dad. And from left: Louise Clift, Annette Clift, Christine Aurich, Maurine Nuttall, Juleen Clift.

Below is a picture of us reading our cards and looking at our presents. One thing I would change is that someone else opened our presents. Cards got lost (even though Sister Mortensen had a great 3x5 card system to keep track of these things) and thank you cards were never sent to a percentage of people. Now I always suggest the wedding couple open their own gifts, and when working a present table at a reception I bring scotch tape to make SURE the card is securely taped to the gift. My son Jon and his wife, Michelle, took a picture of themselves opening every single present for extra memories. So thanks 32 years late for your wedding gifts. :)

Our car was VERY decorated, including it being filled with newspaper, and the horn was tied to the lights (we were asked if we were okay by the police when we were at the side of the road later, turning off the horn. We had to explain that it was our wedding day and what someone had done. The officer congratulated us and went on his way.) Marty remembers when he locked up the car after the temple it wasn't fully latched. He never dreamed that "people" would take advantage. We thought about decorations on the outside, but surely not a car FILLED with newspapers. (And by the way, our car was already packed to go to BYU the next day.) He thought he was sneaky enough to hide the car in the garage. No luck.

We stayed in a hotel in town our first night, and the next year we went back there for our anniversary. But our visit was shortened by the lumber yard right next door (yes, I mean RIGHT next door) burning down in the middle of the night. It was lumber, it was huge, and we had to go.


  1. Awww! I love this post! It makes me smile when I hear stories of other people's weddings! I love the pictures too. They are great, some time we are going to have to come up and visit and you'll have to tell lots of stories. I love hearing them!

  2. So happy your doing FFB too! - And I love all the photo's and story!