Sunday, January 17, 2010

Right? & Nevermind

Ben, who is two, has two favorite words: Right? and Nevermind.

Right? is always used in the form of a question.  For example, if he sees cows, he might state "Cows" and then to verify his statement, he follows with "Right?"  Peggy and I have decided it's now a family idiom and have begun to follow some of our statements with "Right?"

As for "nevermind," Ben has gotten into the habit of calling me or Peggy on the phone. Well, it's his mom (Kathy) who actually calls, usually when nothing else will stop him from being upset.  He has no problem carrying on a conversation with us for a half hour or more.  Due to the fact that two-year-olds know what they are saying themselves, but haven't learned to pronounce all the words for the rest of us, we have only a vague clue of the topic. 

So Ben will say a string of words, pause, and conclude with "Oh. Nevermind."

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