Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bathroom Doily Tutorial

I noticed that because I have a sink that has two handles, I have to adjust the water temperature more often than I would like. It makes for more water all over my sink, and I noticed that my marble was turning yellow under my soap dispensers because of water damage. So I made a cotton doily to put under them. Believe me, I’m very much a beginner at crocheting, and it was really easy for me.

For the pattern I used the first part of “Cloche Hat” by Theresa Richardson. Here’s the link: Crochet Cloche Hat Part 1. I also made some of these cloche hats with a few changes (shorter with no brim and two crochet flowers. Here’s the link for those: I’ll post my finished cloche hats soon. One is for Cami’s birthday, another is for Katelyn. (Granddaughter and genetic half granddaughter––Great Auntie Patti’s granddaughter––Patti is my twin, so genetically speaking, Cami is my half granddaughter).

Click here for the pattern:

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