Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Kerry-Bear-y

We hope you had a wonderful birthday. We are so glad you agreed to come to our family (after much begging and arm twisting, we're sure)! You have taught us so many things. We remember when you were just born and mom used to rock you and sing you lullabies and then sob and sob about how glad she was to have you (we refuse to admit postpartum hormone fluctuations had a thing to do with that). You were such a sweet little baby. We knew right away that you were brilliant. You had an assured complacent, sweet countenance that we really enjoyed.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness. In everything, but especially the way you put together memories for our enjoyment. We appreciate all the effort you have shown us over the years (the 25th anniversary trip, the 50 memories book, the thoughtful presents in general).

We love you.

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  1. Thanks Mom! I'm totally cute, right?! That doll is as big as I am.