Thursday, May 13, 2010

School is In...

I'ts time for our Latin phrase(s) of the week: Today's phrases are taken because it is graduation time.
Congratulations to the seven plus Clifts who graduated or are graduating this semester: Kristin Clift, Jennifer Shaw, Ryan Shaw, Alan Clift, Melissa Aurich, Sarah Clift, BYU friend Karma Kerr, gradeschool friend, Courtney Innes, high school cousin, Darren Clift, and CNAs Aubre Norlund and Amber Norlund.
So we have three Latin phrases in honor of our graduates.
First is: • Summa cum laude--adverb or adjective [literally, "with highest praise"] with highest distinction.
Next is: • Magna cum laude--adverb or adjective [literally, with great praise] with great distinction.
And, of course, • cum laude--"with honor" (direct translation: "with praise").
Good luck to all of you Clift family and friends graduates and remember to "carpe diem" (car pay DEE uhm), [Latin], “Seize the day”; (enjoy or make the most of right now). Have a wonderful week!

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