Monday, February 22, 2010

President's Day Visit

Tuesday morning (Feb. 9th) Sam called his aunt Kathy and told her they were packing the car to come and visit.  Kerry, Sam and Lily arrived on Wednesday.  Steve flew in on Thursday.  Kristin decided it sounded like a party, so she arrived late Friday.  Jon and Michelle decided a six-hour trip was worth it, so they arrived Friday night too, right along with Indie, their Maltie-Poo.  Suddenly everyone was here.  And what do Grantie Patti and Grantie Peggy insist on whenever everyone is together--you got it, dude! Pictures! So we decided to take pictures....

The Martin Clift Family 14 Feb 2010

Peggy 'n Marty sittin' [in] a tree...

Nice Johnson Family Picture

Jon, Michelle and Indie (that little ball of white fur)

Sam, Kerry, Steve and Lily posing for the camera.

Our five grandkids and Kristin making faces for the camera.

They all left by Monday afternoon. Sigh. It was WONDERFUL to see everyone! Thanks!

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