Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009 - Utah

OK, we promised pictures.

This is Lily (3) and Sam (5) all set for Christmas Eve dinner.

Steve and Lily, early Christmas morning, waiting for everyone else:

Sam, handing out presents.

Lily received several new costumes.  She tried every one on.

Kerry excited about her purple grown - with Kristin next to her.

Marty, probably helping with opening a package.

And of course, Peggy, just enjoying the scene, with Lily in front.

I almost forgot, the snow.  This is Kerry and Steve's backyard - the kids' play structure all covered in snow.


  1. that's one nice looking playstructure.

  2. It was a marvelous team of builders.

  3. Such cute photo's - Happy you guys had a great XMAS.

  4. Your blog is so entertaining and lovely (and informative!) I'm so glad you have one!

  5. Thanks! Glad to finally get one started.